How to: Using Search Views to Get Different Columns of Results

Every get tired of looking at the same old name, address, email and phone when you use Advanced Search. Mix it up with Search Views, but be careful with your Profile settings!

More About: Relational Databases

Miss your spreadsheets? Wondering why this new system is necessary and why it's so weird? This will help ease the pain.

How to: Find Out When Was a Contact Added or Last Edited

Ever wonder when a particular contact entered CiviCRM? Or when they were last edited?

How to: Super Smart Groups

Building groups that add their smartness together into a 'super group' for robust real time searching.

How to: Find Contacts Who ARE One Thing But Are NOT Something Else

Want to find Contacts that have never given money? What about contacts who have given money but never been to an event? What about people who live "here" but have never done "that"? This video explores searching for multiple things, subtracting things, and using groups to make "group soup" one ingredient at a time.

More About: Advanced Search

An exploration of the multitude of Advanced Search possibilities plus some tips you might not know about.

Introducing: Search Builder to Find Missing Data

Search Builder does two things no other search will do: 1) look for blank data and 2) search AND plus OR statements

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