More About: Post Event Wrap Up - Attendance, Status and Roles

Phew! Your event is over but now you have to figure out who came and who didn't and what role they played. Plus you've got all those "walk ins". Let's talk about best practices to get your data right in this post-event wrap up video.

How to: Using Search Views to Get Different Columns of Results

Every get tired of looking at the same old name, address, email and phone when you use Advanced Search. Mix it up with Search Views, but be careful with your Profile settings!

Introducing... Custom Data and Profiles

What is custom data? How is the best way to create a field? This video explains that along with scope and the infamous "layer cake". Essential viewing!

Introducing... Events

How to use CiviEvent to make basic events with online RSVP and payment capabilities, while capturing the names and info of your registrants into Civi during the process.

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