How to: Gift Memberships With Webform

Someone buying a membership for someone else? Can do! Use Drupal's powerful "Webform CiviCRM Integration" module to produce a long sought after CiviCRM feature: gift memberships.

How to: Fill Out Forms Automatically With Checksum Tokens

Sending out emails via CiviCRM with "checksum" tokens fills out forms for the people. This cuts down on work on their end, facilitates greater response and reduces dupes on your end!

Introducing... Scheduled Reminders

Revised to include important information about the Repeat option for reminders. Sending reminders a few days before an event or a few weeks before membership expiration can have a dramatic positive effect. This video shows you how to accomplish these scheduled reminders automatically through CiviCRM and discusses the best practices.

How to: Renew a Membership

Did you just receive a payment in the mail for someone's membership? This will show you how to renew, plus what those membership dates mean and how the dates change!

How to: Handle "Pending" Contributions?

You may have spotted Pending Contributions in Civi and wondered what causes this status and what needs to be done about it. This will tell you.

Introducing... Membership

First let's philosophically discuss the concept of membership, then membership types and the concepts of membership "inheritance" by relationship. I'll show some examples creating memberships with and without contributions for an organization.

Introducing... Price Sets

For complex pricing structures on events, contribution pages, or with memberships - use price sets!

Introducing... CiviCRM Drupal Webform Integration

Explore the capabilities and common use cases for Civi's integration with Drupal's Webform. Specific use cases will be covered in subsequent videos.

Introducing... CiviCRM Components

An introduction to the components of Civi: Event, Contribute, Member and Mail with a shout-out to cousins Case and Grant. What are these components used for and how do they work?

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