How to: Edit Message Templates and Receipts

CiviCRM generates a few dozen different email notifications and receipts. It's a common request to edit, modify or beautify these communications. These video will show you the best practices on how to do that, specifically, editing text and adding a logo.

More About: Contacts With Email "On Hold"

If you use CiviMail, you may have noticed fewer emails going on to your group than you might expect. The answer is likely "on hold" status! What is "on hold" and what does it mean? How does an email get "on hold"? How do I take one or more contacts OFF hold? This video answers all these questions and more.

How to: Use CiviMail to Send Bulk Email

How to bulk mail to multiple contacts via CiviMail. Your system administrator must configure the mail system first. This video covers:
  • creating mailing lists
  • choosing and using the include/exclude list feature
  • choosing a "from name"
  • selecting templates
  • HTML vs. plain text
  • how to include images
  • basic HTML editing
  • best practices
  • test mails
  • an overview of bounce tracking and reporting

How to: Email "Everybody"?

You may have various mailing lists, but how do you email everyone in your database and make sure you don't forget anyone? What happens to people who are on hold or lack an email at all? This short video answers those questions and more.

Introducing... CiviCRM Components

An introduction to the components of Civi: Event, Contribute, Member and Mail with a shout-out to cousins Case and Grant. What are these components used for and how do they work?

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