How to: Use CiviMail to Send Bulk Email

How to bulk mail to multiple contacts via CiviMail. Your system administrator must configure the mail system first. This video covers:
  • creating mailing lists
  • choosing and using the include/exclude list feature
  • choosing a "from name"
  • selecting templates
  • HTML vs. plain text
  • how to include images
  • basic HTML editing
  • best practices
  • test mails
  • an overview of bounce tracking and reporting

More About: Data Storage, Which Way is Best?

Groups.   Tags.   Custom Data Fields.   Contact Subtypes.
Are you still confused about the differences between the above?
Do you want to categorize your data but don't know the best way?
Do you need some examples of when to use what type and why?

More About: Groups vs. Tags

What's the difference? When do we use one vs. the other?

How to: Super Smart Groups

Building groups that add their smartness together into a 'super group' for robust real time searching.

How to: Find Contacts Who ARE One Thing But Are NOT Something Else

Want to find Contacts that have never given money? What about contacts who have given money but never been to an event? What about people who live "here" but have never done "that"? This video explores searching for multiple things, subtracting things, and using groups to make "group soup" one ingredient at a time.

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