How to: Import Event Participants

Import participants into an existing event from an Excel spreadsheet.

More About: Post Event Wrap Up - Attendance, Status and Roles

Phew! Your event is over but now you have to figure out who came and who didn't and what role they played. Plus you've got all those "walk ins". Let's talk about best practices to get your data right in this post-event wrap up video.

Introducing... CiviDiscount for Events

Want to provide automatic discounts for members or for anyone who has the code "abc123" they can type in...or for both? To extend these discounts to multiple events for both early-bird and standard pricing. This demonstrates how to configure the CiviDiscount extension to perform these tasks.

How to: Fill Out Forms Automatically With Checksum Tokens

Sending out emails via CiviCRM with "checksum" tokens fills out forms for the people. This cuts down on work on their end, facilitates greater response and reduces dupes on your end!

How to: Register for Multiple Events With Webform

Using the CiviCRM Webform Integration module it's now possible to register multiple contacts for multiple events different events and pay all at once. This module must be installed by your administrator first. This video shows how to use the module to great effect in this particular events use case.

Introducing... Scheduled Reminders

Revised to include important information about the Repeat option for reminders. Sending reminders a few days before an event or a few weeks before membership expiration can have a dramatic positive effect. This video shows you how to accomplish these scheduled reminders automatically through CiviCRM and discusses the best practices.

How to: Register Contacts for Events

Once the event is created, you can start registering people as participants. Give them different roles and attendance status. You can register people for events in the future or past.

Introducing... Custom Data and Profiles

What is custom data? How is the best way to create a field? This video explains that along with scope and the infamous "layer cake". Essential viewing!

Introducing... Price Sets

For complex pricing structures on events, contribution pages, or with memberships - use price sets!


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