More About: Reducing Duplicates

This video helps you understand what the Duplication rules are and how they work. We'll discuss the purpose of Unsupervised, Supervised and General duplicate rules and how to configure them to meet certain goals. There is no magic bullet, but with the right settings and understanding you'll be on a path to higher quality data.

Introducing... Importing Contacts

Most people arrive at CiviCRM with at least a little bit of data from somewhere else, even if it's just an Excel spreadsheet. Without covering the limitless possibilities of the types of data you might import, this video shows the best practices for importing contacts (Individuals, Households, Organizations, etc) into CiviCRM along with their basic information: address, phone, email and so on. I'll discuss dedupe rules, import settings, data cleaning tips, building relationships when you import... and the best ways to avoid making a mess as you transition to CiviCRM.

How to: Find and Merge Duplicates

It's almost inevitable that someone (or some organization) will end up in your database more than once. How do you find them, and then how do you deal with the duplication? With the "Find and Merge" tool, of course! It's easy and powerful. This is where Civi really shines.

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