iATS Payment Processor

Instructions for configuring the iATS Legacy and FirstPay payment processors with CiviCRM

How to: Import Contributions

Whether from an external database, fundraiser banquet, or will likely someday want to import financial transactions. Watch the "Importing Contacts" video first, but then return to see the next step here.

How to: Setup Recurring Monthly Donations

Choosing the right payment processor is key, and once you've done that you can configure a Contribution Page in CiviCRM to handle recurring donations. This video shows how.

How to: Change Accepted Credit Card Icons

See the credit card icons above the payment section? This is how you change them.

How to: Fill Out Forms Automatically With Checksum Tokens

Sending out emails via CiviCRM with "checksum" tokens fills out forms for the people. This cuts down on work on their end, facilitates greater response and reduces dupes on your end!

How to: Print Paper Letters and Labels

Use the PDF features of CiviCRM to print paper receipts, acknowledgments, labels, solicitations or whatever you like.

How to: Batch Update Multiple Contacts via Profile

Ever want to update the data of more than one contact, participant, or contribution at once? That's what "batch update" is for. This video shows you how.

How to: Handle "Pending" Contributions?

You may have spotted Pending Contributions in Civi and wondered what causes this status and what needs to be done about it. This will tell you.

Introducing... Custom Data and Profiles

What is custom data? How is the best way to create a field? This video explains that along with scope and the infamous "layer cake". Essential viewing!

Introducing... Price Sets

For complex pricing structures on events, contribution pages, or with memberships - use price sets!


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