CiviHosting Upgrade

We offer this service exclusively to sites hosted by our trusted partner, CiviHosting.

This purchase is for our labor to make one attempt to upgrade your CiviCRM and/or Drupal 'core' codebase to the latest public distribution. This upgrade service is not a proactive tech-support arrangement; we upgrade only when you ask us to. Modules, plugins and extensions are not included in the upgrade. Debugging is not included. CiviCRM is open source software and CiviTeacher takes no responsibility for any bugs that may be in it, nor how you have chosen to configure your CiviCRM.

The upgrade procedure is:

  1. We make a full backup of your site
  2. We run the upgrade(s) requested
  3. If the upgrade fails, we restore from backup immediately
  4. If it succeeds, we briefly load the site to ascertain that all appears OK and clear cache
  5. Either way we notifiy you, and you must test your own site ASAP.  If that shows any problems, you can choose to either
    • Request that we restore your site from the backup within 5 days
    • Hire CiviTeacher at an additional fee to debug and fix, depending on availability
    • Hire another service provider to attempt to debug the issue

We will always update your site to what we deem to be the most reliable available version of CiviCRM 'core' unless you request a version. We generally schedule the upgrade within a few days. The site will be offline for about 30 minutes during the procedure.  If you wish to request a specific date or time, please indicate that in the comments below.  Once it's done, we will email you.

Send questions and concerns to

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Older versions: These rates to do not apply to CiviCRM versions prior to 5.0 nor to major Drupal upgrades (i.e. 6 to 7, 7 to 8, etc).  Both require a special quote.


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