Hello, I'm Stuart. I have been a CiviCRM consultant since 2008, in the "web industry" since 1998, and have four years experience teaching adults in a classroom setting.

During that time I've come to realize that CiviCRM (affectionately known as 'Civi') is indeed awesome, but it is just a tool. The solution is effective and trained people who know how to use that tool.

Capable people who understand how to use tools are the solution.

Why Use CiviTeacher to Learn CiviCRM?

1. It's bite sized. What have we learned during the last several years as minute-long videos rack up millions of views on YouTube? Apparently nothing, if we are still teaching students how to use software with all-day classes, plodding hour-long webinars and paper textbooks.

2. It appeals to visual and auditory learners. People learn differently. CiviTeacher aims to break down the barriers of learning by providing rapid, concise screencasts on a variety of topics with specific verbal instruction and real visual examples.

3. It's portable. Your staff can watch anywhere they can login to a website. Your staff can share a login.

4. It's permanent. When staff turnover happens (and it will) CiviTeacher remains to train the new people.

5. It's reusable. Forget something? Just watch it again.

6. You don't have to build it. You could create a training manual or video series at your organization, but how long would that take? Do any of your staff have the depth of experience to cover every topic? Aren't your staff already overworked as it is? Buy it, don't build it.

Thanks for visiting CiviTeacher. My trusty assistant CiviCat and I welcome you and are eager to help you learn.